Punk artzine launch in London and The Hague
Guest editor Gaye Black (the Adverts) curated her favourite fellow punk artists for the fourth issue of PIONEER punk zine. And to an astonishing result. More than a dozen artists showed up for PIONEER #4, contributing texts, photos, drawings, paintings. Heeding Gaye’s call are Andy Heintz (Creaming Jesus), Ben Edge (Thee Spivs), Charlie Harper (UK Subs), photographer David Arnoff, Gina Birch (the Raincoats), Jowe Head (Jowe Head and the Demi Monde), Monty Oxymoron (the Damned), Paul Raggity (Raggity Anne), Mikey Vessel (David Devant and His Spirit Wife), Knox (the Vibrators), Billy Childish and the Members’ Nick Tesco, who sadly just recently passed away.

  •  HOK is proud to present the PIONEER 1, 2, 3, 4 exhibition, showcasing this splendid work by Gaye Black and her Pioneers. On show will be original art works, prints and some stuff from the previous three issues of PIONEER. The vernissage in HOK will be Friday April 1st, at 7 PM. On view till Saturday April 23rd.
  • The vernissage is followed by a RADIO PIONEER broadcast on Radio Tonka (92 FM) featuring music by the contributing artists to the 4th issue op PIONEER on Sunday April 3rd, 11 PM.
  • The UK zine release will be in London on Thursday April 7th in Knox’s Rock’n’Roll Rescue shop in Camden Town, 6.30 PM local time.

See you at the vernissage in HOK, tune in to Radio Tonka  on Sunday April 3rd 11.00 PM. Or join us at Rock n Roll Rescue in Camden Town, London on Thursday April 7th 6.30 PM. With refreshments.

Pre-order PIONEER #4 now!
Limited edition of 70, 15 Euro